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Sunday, May 9, 2010

To the Farm

We left our friends, the Reid's in Dryden by 7:45am Sunday morning, missing their family Sunday lunch and their grandson's 7th birthday celebration in the afternoon where I'm sure the noise would crescendo exponentially, but we were glad to have been able to meet Jody's family last night.  Sorry we didn't get to meet the rest of the gang.

The drive today was somewhat uneventful.  Mitchell awoke this morning under the weather, and so we kept the day fairly basic.  We met Rauchelle's friends, Rob and Lisa at The Mint in Winnipeg, but unfortunately it was closed today.  On their website they said they were open on Sundays, but in the foyer of the building it says they are open Tues-Sat.  Oh well.  We had a nice lunch on the grassy grounds and a nice visit with Rob and Lisa before hitting the road again. 

I called Mom for Mother's Day, and got a short visit in with Layne on the phone too.  Wedding plans are moving ahead.  Layne is taking a TESL course (Teaching English as a Second Language) and overall enjoying the course.  I think she'd be a really good TESL instructor!!

The children opted to skip a roadside supper and head straight for the farm where my cousin raises organic crops, and this year its his first time raising organic cattle.  So glad for him that he's moved into that market, and covering himself with less chemicals!!

Here's a picture of my Aunty Lorna.  She would be my mom's sister in law.  Uncle Bill passed on a few years back.  Aunty lives in a mobile trailer on the same property as my cousin Keith and his family.  So some of us are staying with Aunty, and others are sleeping at Keiths.  It works great.

Somehow, I've misplaced my photos of our time in Winnipeg with Rob and Lisa.  When I find them, I will post them.  For now, this is what I have.  Tomorrow the dc will be out scouring the farm, chasing cats and riding quads, and I'm sure I'll have more pics to share then.

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