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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ol' McRaisbeck Had a Farm

This day is 'The Highlight' of our trip across the country.  Stopping here on our way out east was the highlight, so I'm sure it will be the highlight for going west.

Laars is telling me that he can hear the dogs barking.

Everette made a game that he remembers his own father teaching him.  Mitchell gives a go at it. Lots of cats around here. 

Laars discovered an ant hill.  Chelle let him play with it because "there just tiny little ants!"

Gaelyn has Aunty Lorna around her pinky!  Asked her to sit in the third bench seat in the van, and Aunty did!!

These two fell asleep on the drive to the ball game, missed the whole game, and slept all the way back home to Aunty's.

Sunset on the way home.  Georgeous.

Rauchelle went out on the quad with her rifle and cleared the land of some of these critters.

Keith and Joceline each have a try at Chelle's rifle.

Lots of Loving going on!!

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  1. Fun times, huh? Laars is right. Ants are fascinating. And I already commented on the gophers on FB...Chelle is competing with Matt.