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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out West

We had a leisurely morning with Watrich's in fellowship and eating muesli and a new drink Jane introduced us to.  Something like "Krakaus", a coffee alternative made from barley, beet root and something else.  I must admit....I liked it with whipper cream in it (whipper cream is what our family affectionately calls whipping cream). 

Jane was referring to our family as being 'Fluid', I think a description she used to describe us before.  But this time I guess I took more notice of it.  And kind of liked that description.  Fluid.  Moving with the Spirit.  Not rigid, or boxed in.  Going with the flow.

Reminds me of a funny moment when we were in Thunder Bay with the Davenports.  Mark asked, "So, where are you moving to?" to which I said, "What exactly do you mean by 'moving'?"  Mark chuckled, repeating "What exactly do you mean by 'moving'?"

Well, 'moving' actually emplies that we have a destination we are going to, and to settle down, as in 'set up house'.  But that isn't our Life, at this point.  We are heading to BC for Layne's wedding, and Everette has some finishing work to do for a fella in Surrey, but other than that, we don't really have to be in BC, nor anywhere else for that matter.  We are free to Go.  So that's what we are doing.  Going where we feel led.  Going to where we have a desire to go.  We'll see where that leads.  We are being Fluid.  I like that description.

Fluid might not be comfortable for other people.  But we like it.  It brings us peace.  It brings excitement.  An adventure.  A need to be in tune with God.

Life is an adventure.  And I'm loving it!!

And then in an email I received tonight it said.....

"...that it is okay to want to make lots of plans, but it is
also okay to make lots of room for that which planning
can never produce. 

It's sometimes nice to get everything decided, settled,
and arranged. But you may want to leave room in your
life for spontaneity. Some of the best choices are made
"on the fly." Some of the best outcomes are created
by not needing anything specific to happen."

Neale Donald Walsch

So, we drove from Caronport, SK to the Calgary area.
Near Chaplin we saw ..........

Looks like salt mining, but we aren't positive.  Certainly wasn't snow!

It was great to see the Rockies rising in the distance.  It's been a while since we saw them, and I know that it will be nice to drive thru them tomorrow, although it is slow going with children and pulling a trailer.  But the majesty of them is incredible.

While we were in Cape Breton, many people would suggest that the Highlands (up where the Cabot Trail wanders) were 'mountains', but honestly, those people mustn't have gotten out much.  For when one compares the Highlands to the Rockies (or undoubtedly many other mountain ranges) the Highlands, although unique and beautiful in their own way, come out wanting.  I'm glad to be seeing these big rocks again!!

Oh, and I learned that according to those in the Atlantic provinces (it may vary) we are now out west, in Alberta.  When we get to BC  we will be 'on the Coast'. 

We stopped in Okotoks to visit friends I haven't seen in over 20 years!

And their 'little girl' Tanna is 'All Growed Up' and has 2 little girls herself.

We sat outside in the beautiful sunshine talking the hours away and ate pizza (the dc miss eating pizza so they were thrilled) and hearing stories of David's work at the funeral home, and discussions with Linda about religion and the concept of hell, and how many of us don't feel comfortable being called 'Christian' any more because of the terrible connotations that has.  Anyways, it was a lively conversation sprinkled with little childrens' needs to be pushed on the swing or their shoes emptied of sand from the turtle sandbox.

Then we were off northwards to Airdrie to spend the night with David and Michelle MacLean and their family.  Some of our family have previously met members of the MacLean clan when they were out to Cape Breton and visiting with our mutual friends (and neighbours) the Mombourquette's.

Blurry pic of Chance who is tall & handsome & very polite.

Don't have a pic at present of Lachlan.
And this is Aiden with a gorgeous smile.

A welcoming house full of hospitality, antiques, the most gorgeous quilts, and interesting things from Sumatra and Malaysia.  Michelle & David are both welcoming & chatty, and made us feel at home.
Thanks, Jennifer, for the Intro to the MacLean's.

Another slew of toys, and costumes, and lots of space.  Anders has asked if we can "come back here tomorrow?"


  1. Were Dave and Linda the ones you have pictures of quading or something with...and someone got stuck in the mud and I think Linda got covered in it?

  2. Yup! Linda was on with her son, Shane, then when he got the motorbike (I think that's what they were on) moving it just sprayed Linda with mud all over, including her face!! So funny. Was such a wonderful time with them, and Richard & Karen S.

  3. Glad to hear you had a good stay in Airdrie! We are enjoying your blog as you make your way across Canada. Sounds like a quite a trip! The girls and I did a trip to Moncton this w/e and that was enough for now!! Say hi to everyone from the Mombourquettes!