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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rauchelle's Birthday @ the Davenport's

Doesn't her hair look wonderful?  I love it.

Chelle's doing some mending on Mitchell & Maret's swim shorts, something she put on her  To-Do List.  She also wants to un- & re-load the trailer since she forgot to leave out her shooting pants which she's selling to the club in Winnipeg, but they are with her gear at the very front of the trailer (ooops).  So, that's what she's doing on her birthday!  Oh, but she started her day with a quiet, solo soak in the hot tub.  Not bad, if I say so myself.  I followed suit with Maret.

Here's Mark plugged-in, and Alex(andra) early this morning.  Alex was just about to catch the school bus.  I never did see Jacob this morning, but all 3 of the D's dc are off to school for the day. And Karen is at work.

We know D's from back in Layne's YWAM days.  Mark was her DTS leader, and Karen was doing administration (I think) and their dc intermingled with the students.  From the moment Mark found out that Layne came from a bigger-than-average-sized family, he said he wanted to meet us.  At that time we only had 7 dc, and I was pregnant with Anders.
We met Mark and Karen briefly the day we dropped Layne off at DTS, and in Dec we spoke with Mark further when we stopped by the school to pick Layne up so she could see her Grampa Johnson who had turned for the worse and died the following week.

Then during the next spring the D's whole family came over to spend a weekend with meet the whole gang.  We had a wonderful weekend; lots of laughs and a heart-to-heart sharing.

At that time Mark started brainstorming about Everette being a guide for a camping/hiking excursion for the upcoming DTS staff, of which Everette eventually did.   Him and Mark had more time together, and growing to appreciate each other's friendship.

Later that year, when Everette & I went out to Nova Scotia for the first time, Mark helped get Layne settled in Vancouver.  A few months later when she decided to join us out in NS, Mark & Karen relieved her of some of her stuff, including a bunk bed her and Chelle had since they were like 4 & 6 yrs old, and......
AND this refurbished steamer trunk Layne did:

This big spacious house is new to D's as they've only been here a few months now.  Their 3 external doors each require 2 separate keys to open the handle and a dead bolt, so that means 6 keys for 3 doors.  And last weekend one of the doors got busted in.  So today Everette's been helping Mark get them re-keyed and the broken back door fixed to help simplify this key situation.


There's a whole lot of instruments around here for the dc to play, and the winner seems to be the little accordian.  

And there's Pool Table to play.

Lot's to keep us all busy.

Karen put a Mother's Day order in, providing 'ideas' for gifts "in case somebody was just wondering what they might get her."  So today the fellas made sure to go by Carlton Cards to get the Guest book she was wanting, and she wanted it early enough so that we could be the first ones to sign her Guest book.  Such an honor!!  Thanks Karen!  from the other Karen.


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  1. Thanks for posting pictures of all the Davenports! Looks like you guys all had a great time!