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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Stink

Ok, so you can be thankful that you haven't been sitting next to me the last few days.  Because I have noticed an embarrassing thing......I stink.  My armpits stink.  I've showered everyday, but I inevitably start to stink.

And you know why? 

Because I've been eating dead foods.  Even dead flesh.

I know that most of you do that all the time.  That's fine.  It's your life.

But for me, I had discovered new things in life, and I was living them and enjoying them, and now I'm not doing them and I'm not enjoying them any more.

I discovered that when I eat a high raw & vegetarian diet, my body cleaned itself out (ok, so it wasn't totally cleaned out yet.  I've spent 40+ yrs filling it with crappy food, I can't expect it to get all cleaned out in just a few months) and it ran more efficiently and cleaner, including not giving off a bad odor.  Really!!

I don't use deodorant or antiperspirant.  I don't put those chemicals on my skin because then they get into my body and I don't want that. 

If I feel a need for some help dealing with unwanted odor I use baking soda which stops the bacteria that causes the odor, or I spray on some essential oil that I've blended with water in a small spray bottle (cinnamon is my favorite, but I also use lavender or geranium, or a blend of oils).

I admit, I'm finding it difficult not having our own kitchen to prepare our own raw meals in, and not be tempted by the familiar cooked foods.  But I'm not liking how I'm eating, sleeping, feeling, weighing, or smelling. 

I know a better way.

I should be choosing that better way.

Throughout the Proverbs it says that we become like those we hangout with.  If we spend our time with the wise, we will become wise.  If we hangout with fools we will become foolish like them.  

I'm not passing blame, at all.  But in the past 3.5 weeks we've spent the majority of our time with non-raw foodists.....and we have succumbed to their ways.  We have chosen to let down our guard, and participate in their eating habits. 

I need to take better action, as pertains to my own body.  I know better, and I should be eating better.
And then I'll even smell better!!!

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