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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Full of Surprises

We said our goodbyes to the Davenport's this morning, and pulled out of their driveway by 8:10am.  It had been a wonderful visit with them, and we so appreciated their hospitality.  We are blessed with their friendship, and they are blessed with a spirit for hospitality.

Today's drive was to get us near the Ontario/Manitoba border.  We didn't have specific plans, but had the idea that we'd drive to Kenora and spend the night there, for we have an 'appointment' to meet a friend/coach of Rauchelle's in Winnipeg tomorrow morning to tour The Mint at 9am.

But while enroute to Kenora, we decided to phone Jim & Jackie Reid, sister and bro-in-law to fellow homeschoolers (Kim & Chris Wilson) from Qualicum Bay, BC.  On our way across the country west-east 2.5yrs ago we spent a night with them on their acreage, and were so blessed by their hospitality and grace, we decided to try and spend some time visiting with them today.  So we called.  Thinking it was 8:15am, a bit on the early side but wanting to give a heads up.  However, a short while after I talked with Jim, we passed a sign that said we had just crossed over into Central Standard Time.  By golly, that means I probably woke Jim up on his casual Saturday at 7:15am!!!  I'm so embarrased, and sorry.  Jim, pleeeeease forgive me!!

While mindlessly driving down the highway, my nose in "Conversations With God" reading aloud, Everette announced "There's a bear, on a moose carcass!" and sure enough he was, just off aways from the highway. 

So we stopped, turned around with camera ready, and this is what we got to see of the sleepy, over-endulged drunken bear......

There are highway signs that say "Beware of moose at night" but none that say "Beware of bears eating

moose in the morning".  We were thrilled to see such a sight.  That's life.

These pictures are for many of us eat our meals, particularly when its cold out and we are trying to preserve body heat.......

So we successfully recalled our way back to the Reids and were welcomed like long-lost friends; like Coming Home.  When I say these people are hospitable, I mean that in all respects.  The bedding was freshened, the beds made ready, lunch on the stove, the fridge full.  They anticipated we were spending the night; hopeful. 

And who can really pass up all this loving, when really we hadn't anything important to do?  Why pass up relationship for an unknown hotel room?  And who doesn't want to be treated like Royalty?  To be encouraged and edified at every turning of every conversation?  This place is a Balm of Gilead.

And......the Toys!  And the playground!  This Gramma has a haven for her grandchildren.  I'd love to be one of their grandchildren!!!! 

Their son Jody

Shelley with Ethan.


We were thrilled that Jody brought his family over so we could meet.  The dc hit it off really well, and the volume started to crescendo.  Laars began to belly-laugh, and eventually invited 'Mama, come on!' and led me to the bed to lay down and go to sleep.  He wore himself out, it was so much fun.
Even quiet Ethan started to interact....


Today was a wonderful day full of surprises.  As much as we were thrilled seeing the bear, the fellowship with Jim & Jackie, and this evening with their son's family, have been the real treasures to the day.  It really is the people that make this country awesome.  Its a beautiful big country we are blessed to live in, but if it weren't for the treasure chest of wonderful caring people that fill it, it would be a lonely, desolate land.

Thank you, Reids, for Everything.


  1. First of all, I LOVE the bear photos! Amazing!
    Keeping warm and trying to eat is hard, but it looks like they had it under control! :) Love you all! And Karen, Happy Mothers Day! You are one WONDERFUL, AMAZING, KIND, BEAUTIFUL, SPECIAL woman, and I'm sure it doesn't take one day of the year for your children to let you know that! xooxoo

  2. Sounds like yet another fun day! Love you! Can't wait to see you!