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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Genetically Modified Foods--It's OUR Responsibility!

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable consumer.   We purchase produce whose code starts with a 4 or a 9, preferring only the organics but that isn't always possible.  We stay away from GMO foodstuffs, as far as we are knowledgable.  But, have I taken enough action?  I suppose not.

I wasn't aware that starting the fall of 2008 (we were in the US for 5 mths that winter) the sugar we ashamedly consume (via the States, I don't know about Canada) is from GM Sugar Beets.  Think about all the products we consume that have sugar listed (under different names!!) in the ingredient list!! 

Are we considering what this GMO stuff is doing for future generations?  These foods are totally altered, then consumed and become the building blocks for our bodies, and those of our offspring, and their offspring (or not, because maybe they can't even have offspring.  Have you considered that??)  Have we counted the cost for our ignorance, or our turning our backs and ignoring the information?  Have we considered what our dollars are building (or not building) in the future?

This information that Dr Mercola shares via an interview with Jeffrey Smith (and notes you could read) is very disturbing. Not because our family ingests this stuff knowingly, but because I'm not confident by labeling practices (honesty by producers and gov'ts), and because I'm concerned for your families!! Do you know what you are consuming? And your children?

I know that many years ago many of my friends switched from cow dairy to soy products. And it wasn't just for pouring milk onto cereals, but making smoothies, eating soy (hot)dogs, replacing beef with soy for spaghetti sauce, etc. And when you recognize that corn, another GMO crop, is not only in so many of our foods (like cornstarch in your icing sugar, corn in your grape juice & Tropicana OJ, etc), but its a main food being fed to the animals you might be consuming (farm-fish, cows, etc) you can see that GMO foods are inadvertently in most of our diets.

Herbicide tolerant crops (that's a main reason these foods are GM)  leave more herbicide residue, which then when consumed they can mess up our gut bacteria.....because these are made to kill bacteria.  But.....we need healthy gut bacteria.  This can potentially kill all the good stuff we need within our own guts!!  (And a whole lot worse stuff.  Watch the video down below to learn more....particularly at 46 mins into the video.)

If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend you watch the documentary Food, Inc.

We have the power, as consumers, to make changes. Don't fool yourself. You make a vote every single time you buy your groceries. Money definitely talks.

" Getting into a shopping habit of continually avoiding GM food products will create pressure on the marketplace, without which there is little hope. So take this one step! Download the shopping guide, and make note of which brands to buy and which ones to avoid like the plague that they are.

Europe managed to reach their tipping point in April of 1999, ELEVEN YEARS AGO(!), within a single week of negative media which swayed the shopping habits of consumers enough for food companies to commit to stop using GM ingredients.

The idea that consumers have tremendous power is not wishful thinking. It’s an absolute fact.

Monsanto could probably be effectively bankrupted by the end of this year, if enough consumers were to take individual, proactive steps to avoid purchasing anything even remotely related to their business.

Another point that validates the effectiveness of this consumer-driven strategy is the progress we’re now seeing with high fructose corn syrup. Within the last few weeks, several major corporations have declared they’re taking HFCS out of their products due to consumer demand."  Dr Mercola

We can't wait for government to protect us.  We need to get educated.  Here's some places to start.
Buy organics.  Buy foods labeled as non-GMO.  Check out Non-GMO Shopping Guide.  Avoid At-Risk Ingredients (corn, soy, canola, cottonseed).There are minor crops to avoid also, like Hawaiian papaya, some types of squashes (zucchine, crookneck, etc)

If health-conscious shoppers, health professionals, school meal planners, or religious groups decided to avoid all GMO, the GMO's would be history.  Each of these groups carry enough weight to make a change.  Today.

Ok, that just urges me more and more towards organic, live whole foods. 

PS... 9 out of 10 people want GMO foods labeled.  And more than 53% of the population say they wouldn't consume GMO foods.

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.


  1. Micah had me watch a video clip of that Jeffrey Smith guy. Scary stuff. But how the heck do you eliminate it from your diet?

  2. read lots of labels. Eat high raw organics. Start with eliminating the main ones, soy, corn, cottonseed and canola. Start with one step and be consistent.