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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hail to the Hales

We hit heavy hail while driving down to Everette's sister's place. ....The Hales.  That's their names. 

Terry, the brother-in-law.

Sylvia, or Gramma (aka Everette's Mom)
Kande & Terry have 2 girls.  Twyla was working, then came home not feeling well so I haven't seen her yet.  Tasha is away to Vancouver for the weekend with History Makers.

Everette making an Impression.....

Then Mitchell got all tied up....

He did it to himself.

Laars wanted to take some photos, so he took this one of Gaelyn

and this one of Maret.

which Laars laughed at, and then he tried to do the same with his tongue....

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