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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beginning our Travels

Yesterday was a crazy and absolutely wonderful day.  One to remember.

Everette had contacted U-Haul earlier in the week to book a smallish trailer for us to move our stuff back to BC.  Although we've scaled down over the years, with 10 of us "Stuff" still accumulates, and its hard to get it pared right down.  Mind you, to just fit all of our stuff into our van, along with the 2 car seats, 2 junior seats, 10 bodies with accompanying pillows and blankets and backpacks full of clothes, and some books and maps and some activities and food for the trip (gulp) I don't know that it would even be humanly possible to limit it to just the van.  It fills up fast ;)

Anyways, the U-Haul said they would call and let us know where the nearest place would be for us to pick up a trailer on Saturday since they couldn't guarantee one.  Fortunately, Everette called them about 12:20pm Saturday as we still hadn't heard.  Yep, they had one in Port Hastings, about a 30 minute drive away, and they close at.....1pm.  So, he jumped in the van along with Mitch and rushed down to get us a trailer, just in time.  They aren't open on Sundays, so we otherwise would have had to wait until Monday to get one.

The neighbour, Alice, came over for lunch and brought some yummy potato salad and moist Fiddlesticks for dessert.  We were having our last 'Lobster Feast' on the opening day of the lobster season.  We don't usually eat crustaceans, but it was what Everette wanted to do before leaving Cape Breton.  It is such a part of the way of life around here.  On the westcoast lobster would be more 'fine dining', out here it was lobster sandwiches the poor children took in their school lunches when the family couldn't afford to buy luncheon meats!!  And you typically eat lobster with potato salad.  (thanks Alice)

Alice was gone about an hour, when our friend Beatrix arrived, returning a borrowed book.  We visited while I sat down with a sleep Laars in my arms, and she left taking with her some of the boys' toys for her grandchildren that are coming to visit in June.  We had another good visit, and prayer before she left, teary-eyed.

Beatrix was gone about 10 minutes when our friends from up the street (Jennifer with her girls Gracie and Clare) stopped in for a visit.  We are always thrilled when they come over, and the volume crescendo's as the children play with glee.  And if you've ever heard the shrill of Clare....oh my goodness!!!  You'll literally feel your ear drums vibrating.

Jennifer was at the door, just about to leave when our next visitors arrived.  (Joanne should have a revolving door put on!)

Natasha had spent the afternoon with Rauchelle, but HAD to come out to see the rest of the family with her trusty camera in-hand for a scrapbook she's making from a blank Journal book we made and gave her this week.  Darryl came along with Natasha, and we had a delightful but teary & huggy visit.


We had more teary eyes this morning, saying 'Goodbye' to Joanne.  She has been such a blessing to us in the past year.....gollly, in the last 2.5 years.  This time spent off & on in Cape Breton has given me a relationship with my sister that I never had before.  The children have had a wonderful opportunity to meet and love an aunty (and an uncle) that separation in a big country didn't facilitate until we came to hang out here.  This time with Joanne & Kevin has been a treasure we're so happy we discovered.   A Gem of Cape Breton.

All packed and raring to go.  6:49am we pulled out of Joanne's driveway. What the salute is for, I don't know.  Our dc do odd & unexpected (& unexplainable) things sometimes.  Just accept it.

One last view of Joanne's house from the street.  Everette just finished the front porch stairs yesterday, and they are big and glorious.  The house looks wonderful.

We crossed the Nova Scotia/ New Brunswick border by 11:15am.
Stopped in Moncton at the grocery store for lunch fixings.

The temperature continues to rise the farther west of Cape Breton we go.  We've traded our socks and sneakers for sandals, and some have put on shorts or skirts.  When we got to Fredericton it said its 28 degrees Celsius out!!  The wind is warm.  We LOVE it!!!!!!

We got snacks for supper and found a parking lot with lots of grass for the dc to run around on.  Then we discovered we were at a Botanical Garden!

So we took a walk thru the neighbouring Odell Park which is the most easterly forest we've encountered that reminded us of those of the west. 

Even the blossoming dogwoods reminded us of beautiful British Columbia.

Anders is searching for the squirrel that is chattering at him.

We got sidetracked from 'the walk'.

Daddy is calling to the boys thru the culvert.

Laars can see Daddy.

Everette offered Mitchell a buck if he were to climb thru the culvert.
He checks it out.

And goes for it.

He did it!!

Followed by all his (present) sisters (except the one behind the camera) but they did it without the cash reward.

Anders gave it a try, but it was a bit intimidating.

We made a short stop at Grand Sault to show the dc the falls and get a potty break.

Tonight we are staying in Edmundston, New Brunswick.  Swimming late in the swimming pool as it will be closed in the morning for painting the floor.  We can sleep in and have a lazier day tomorrow as our goal is to arrive in and see Quebec City, particular Old Town.  We are excited.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cape Breton and the people you met here. I am so happy I was one of the lucky people who is so blessed to call you all my friends!
    Looks like you are enjoying your drive thus far! Odell Park is just beautiful isn't it? My sister lives just across the street! The water falls is also beautiful! I have never been there though.
    Safe driving today and have fun! Looking forward to your next post!
    Love and Hugs!

  2. The kids were obviously having a lot of fun. Those pictures of them crawling through the culvert reminds me of Ryan doing the same thing at Raymur (Ryan being Sarah's bro and Mark's son...remember him?).