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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Debate & Prayer

It's been a busy and invigorating day today.  Alot of debate, discussion, hashing over.

We spent the morning in debate with Micah, with Layne often being the mediator as we must be speaking a different language than Micah speaks, & vice versa.  Mom doesn't like these kind of discussions so it makes her squirm a bit, and suggest we go to the park or something.  But Micah enjoys the stimulation just like we do.  Iron sharpens iron.

Then we took children for a swim, which they always love.  And Barb & Darrell Kent came over as Barb needed prayer for her back. 

We are believing for fluid to fill up those discs supernaturally.  We had a great time of testimony, about the goodness of God, about healings, and some prayer.  I always feel encouraged when visiting with them, and today was no different.  Like spirits.

Laars is feeling better, although not yet up to par.  No throw ups today, and less of a fever, and he slept most of the day away.  He ate little which is really good to give his body energy for healing.

We anticipate leaving in the morning for the Island; the last leg of our trip, but we will see how the day is lived out.  We make our plans, but let the Spirit direct us.  He brings people and circumstances into our lives to bless us in ways we hadn't imagined.  What an exciting life.

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