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Monday, May 24, 2010

Botanical Beach & Cuts

Yesterday we drove out to the west coast of the westcoast.  That's the west side of Vancouver Island.  Everette's mom, sister & her dh were supposed to meet us out there in the afternoon, but they weren't able to find us until the end of the afternoon when we returned to our van which they had parked right behind.  So, at that point we stood around the parking lot eating wraps, oranges and corn chips with salsa  while visiting.

Below are some pics from our family's day at the beach.  It was a couple of km walk down to the beach from the parking lot.

We missed these big rain forests.
Laars with his walking stick.

Unfortunately this baby octopus was dead.  We found him/her just on wet sand, probably where a small pool of water used to be.

Sights on the drive home......

Today was Victoria Day, what we usually call May Long Weekend.  We decided to spend an extra night at Hales, get another visit in with Mom Johnson this morning, hang-out and get some hairs cut. 

this is the pile of hair cut from my own head.

you'll have to come back tomorrow to see.........

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  1. That is SOOO cool that you found an octopus there! Too bad it was dead. When Chelle and I were there with Buschhaus' we spent an afternoon playing in the water there and one of us found a live one.