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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Oh, how lovely of a day to drive from Kamloops to White Rock.  We were filled up with pineapple and orange juice from Pat Landals, whose place we bunked at last night (Thanks again, Pat, for your hospitality, and for storing Chelle's gear).  Laars awoke with a fever and rosy cheeks, and we were believing that the vomiting was overwith, but not so.

Parking in the city can be a nuisance at the best of times, and with a U-Haul it can be a real bother, particularly when Gramma's building is surrounded by parking restrictions.  And we were hoping to be able to disconnect the trailer so we weren't pulling it thru town everywhere we went.  So my brother David was kind enough to make room for us to park it until Monday in his backyard.  And we got to have a bit of a visit with him and his family to boot!!


George      Matthew

We drove to White Rock where my mother was expecting us, but it was to be a surprise to Layne.  She thought we were arriving on Sunday.  But last week when I called my mom on Mother's Day, she said, "Oh, its too bad you aren't coming earlier.  There's a bridal shower for Layne on Saturday night."   Well, nobody had bothered to let this mother-of-the-bride know that!!!
So, we changed our plans so we could be at the shower.  I wouldn't want to miss it, especially since I was going to be soooo close anyways. 

Mom lives in a condo, and the people aren't suppose to leave doors open for 'strangers' to have access to the building.  But, that's what happened.  So we snuck in, and pilled out in the hallway outside Gramma's door.  We had Gaelyn knock on the door, and when Layne opened the door she thought "There's a little girl here.  Why's there a little girl here?  Oh!!!  It's Gaelyn!!!!"

So, we pulled off the surprise.
Gramma had let Micah in on the secret, and Layne had been wondering why Micah just wasn't into going and doing anything today.  She thought it odd that he just wanted to hang out at Gramma's.

It got noisy and busy in Gramma's little condo, but we were so thrilled to be all together.

Gramma loves to treat the children to chocolate bars.  Anders is trying to eat his in relative peace & quiet in the kitchen, out of sight before he looses it to somebody else.

There's a Johnson tongue again!!

Everette & Micah spent time in the hot tub, then they stayed home all evening with the boys while us girls went to the bridal shower.  They baked banana bread and talked about politics, economics, religion, and both of them seemed to have an enjoyable evening.  Off to a good start, since our family doesn't know Micah at all, yet.

Layne figuring her camera out so Rauchelle can take pictures.
My Mom (the Gramma)
                                      Bonnie & Pauline

The shower was a success.  It was nice to meet some of the people I hear Layne talk about from the church Layne & Micah attend.
When we got home to Gramma's small condo,  she told Mitchell he could sleep under the table in the front entry.  Doesn't look very comfortable for me!!


  1. Ya! So glad sleepy Laars is feeling better and do happy you all have made it safe and sound to Layne's! :) xoxo

  2. your mama's! :) Layne's shower looked very nice!