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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Telling or Selling the Truth

Thanks to Sarah over at Emerging Mummy for sharing the link to Donald Miller : Is telling the Truth more important than selling the Truth?

With a bit of a spin, it's something I've been pondering quite a bit recently. In my own life I have morphed quite a bit from what I previously believed about spiritual things, and I've been reluctant to share some of those ideas.  And when reading some books by Frank Schaeffer it started to really hit home, how 'unsafe' it usually is to bring up uncertainties; questions of faith, even questioning the 'foundations of faith' in Christianity.  But, if it isn't safe within a religion that claims unconditional love, then is there a safe place?

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  1. Well....just because it CLAIMS unconditional love doesn't mean it has/practices unconditional love. I started reading The Misunderstood God and found it interesting when he shared how many Christians were dissatisfied with what they'd been taught about God and Christianity. I would hazard the guess that pretty much every Christian has the same or similar questions...but to ask them seems to show a lack of faith. And what if the answer is scary? What if the answer means that much of what they've believed for the last 10, 20, 30, 50 years has been WRONG? It's easier to not ask and to shoot the ones who do.