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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ticking Along

And we did a Tick-check.  I found a tick on the outside of one of our suitcases, and then Rauchelle said she had found a tick burrowing in Mitchell's neck/shoulder earlier this morning, so we checked the girls.  And viola!!  I found one in Gaelyn's ear!!
We almost left the farm without Maret!!  We were packed up, driving away when somebody piped up, "Where's Maret?"  Ahhhh, out with the cows!!  Here she comes!

Final 'Goodbyes' to my cousin Keith.  And the dog Wallace.

We stopped just east of Regina at an Information Centre (closed) for our lunch.  Just as we pulled in to park, Laars threw up in his carseat.  He'd been complaining for awhile about his sore tummy, but I thought he might be a bit constipated from eating less produce.  But I suppose it was more than that.

We got into Regina and stopped at the Superstore, and immediately Laars threw up again.  Argh!  After cleaning him up, we washed his jacket in the washroom in the store, and headed to our friends' house in Caronport, west of Moose Jaw.

They have lots of toys, so our dc are having a hoot.

We had a great dinner, and finished up with
a watermelon feast!!

Jasper had a soccer game so a bunch of the family went to cheer him on, while Rauchelle baked banana bread and Jane & I visited (and the boys played with the toys).

Before bed, Gaelyn said "Toveli, do I have something back there?" as she lifted up the hair at the nape of her neck, and there it was.....another tick.  Not sure I'm liking Saskatchewan for all its ticks.

It's been a great visit.  Of course it would be, because the Watrich's are such fantastic people.  They are warm, and down to earth, and a blessing to all whose lives cross their paths.  We are fortunate to call them Friends!


  1. Ick to the ticks! but love and hugs to the family! :) Love reading about your journey west! (and so does Darryl!)

  2. Gosh! So many fun people you get to visit! I hope Keith and Diane are doing well. And I wish I could have been with you at Watrich's. So, how'd you get the ticks out? Remember that time we found one behind....Mitchell's ear? But that one had barely gone in yet.

  3. None of these had gone in far at all. All of them were removed by hand, some left a little red/blood spot.