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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heritage Days in Lake Cowichan

We came down here for the weekend to visit with family without realizing it was a long weekend, and Lake Cowichan's "Heritage Days".  So, we got the dc some face painting,

  climbed old trains and checked out the area while waiting around

Smelled the flowers,

took in a parade,

and have been fighting about the candies they got from the parade participants that throw them out to the spectators.  I always forget why I don't like parades until those stupid things start flying through the air at us.

Laars wants more candies because his hands are empty


Cuz my pockets are empty too.....

Everette lived in this town for a decade about age 4-14.  But his family has relatives that have lived here all the time, and so over the years he's traveled back here.  And more than a decade ago his sister, Kande, and her family moved here where they pastor.  So Everette ran into people he knew from way back when.......
 After the parade the children were able to climb in the trucks and pretend to drive them.

And Natasha, this is what we call Real Logs......

We always thought it funny when out east to see the (little) logs loaded width-wise on the truck, like a pile of matchsticks!!

I was hoping to get a decent picture of Everette with Kande sometime this weekend.  That's the best I could do.  This is what followed, immediately.  Just a split-second, that's all it took.

Obviously related to one another!!

Oh, and I saw Twyla today.  Here's our niece.  She didn't come to the parade with us, but I caught her at home today.


  1. Haha! :) Those are some BIG logs! xo

  2. LOL! Yeah! They don't grow them that big out east! HAHAHAHA!

    I like those pictures of Dad and Aunty Kande. Especially the second one!