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Monday, February 8, 2010

New Linen Skirt for the Simple Life

When in Halifax with Danaka we made a stop in at the Value Village, and I was thrilled to find this 100% linen wrap skirt in with the bathing suits/wraps, and picked it up for $4.  100% linen is usually very expensive, and we are gearing towards incorporating more and more linen into our wardrobes and bedding.  But here I was, blessed with a second-hand simple skirt in great condition and cheap!!  

If you want to know why we are changing to linen you can read about it over at our trimarx website. I also shared about linen here.

This skirt was a couple sizes too small, but since it was a wrap I just moved the button a bit, and voila!  

Then fantastic news this morning......I had to move the button back towards where it started, because I've lost some more weight.  Hip Hip Horray!  
Just to share a secret with you......I've lost about 17 pounds now since Samuel was born.  I say 'about' because at the time of his birth we didn't own a scale.  But now we do. So it's a close proximation.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited.  I'll continue the rest of my life with The Daylight Diet (I really do need to order Paul's book) as Everette and I really believe in the philosophy behind it, and both of us are easily losing weight.  What could be better?!!

Hope more pounds come off before the wedding in June.


I find pleasures in the simple things in a simple life.
Question for You:  Is there a particular fabric that makes you feel better?  Do you have favorite clothes to wear around the house, or quickly change in to the moment you get home from work?


  1. Hey Karen!! So interesting about the linen!! Love it!! I was wondering if you have heard of Rawganique. Want to do a homeschool tour there this spring. Already emailed them about it. His farm is amazing as is his store. That would be one dream! That with about 10 children and maybe a few families all sharing together. Living simply and close to the earth like this website shares

    We will be selling and not sure where we will go. If Cory's health were 100%, we could be more flexible, but definitely selling it all and then getting a motorhome and just living in it for awhile while looking for housesitting jobs or living at campgrounds. I never heard back from that realtor yet about GF. Thats odd actually, will re-send. Congrats on those 17lbs!! You look so vibrant, happy and healthy!

  2. Very nice skirt my friend. Good find.

  3. Yes, Shelley, I actually ordered some clothes from Rawganique....another linen skirt. Love wearing it. Wraps are great for losing weight since so adjustable. Now 21+ lbs off!
    A tour of the farm is a great idea. Maybe we could join u when we are out there?
    I'm gonna go check out that simple living site u mentioned, right now. Thanks for the input.