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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ergo Baby Carriers

Ergo gets the SafBaby "Excellent" seal of approval.  "Safbaby's mission is to shine the light from potentially toxic and harmful choices we may unknowingly make for our children, onto SAFER ALTERNATIVES."  And so they have found the Ergobaby Organics baby carrier fits the criteria.

Also, Ergo recieved the "Jet With Kids Approved" seal. From their site: "At Jet With Kids, the ERGObaby Carrier is our preferred carrier for travel ...This carrier will last when your back won't - and your little travelers will appreciate the comfortable ride."

Additionally, ERGObaby's Organic carrier was selected by EcoBabyWorld as one of their top "Holiday Product Picks for 2009."

So, if you aren't already aware of the Ergo baby carrier you might just want to skip on over to their site  and check out what the talk is all about.  We have used our 2 Ergo carriers while we traveled across Canada and then circled much of the United States from Blaine, WA to Ft. Worth, TX, to Atlanta, GA to Houlton, ME on up to Cape Breton, Canada.  The carriers pack so well for traveling, they fit easily in suitcases if you need them to, and are easy to put on and take off even when you are alone with your baby(with some practice).

The huge difference I have found with this product verses other types is that the youngster doesn't dangle from their groin.  In the Ergo the child is sitting comfortably on their bum, and sort of piggy-backing safely on your back.  They don't get as grand a view over the top of your head like a framed pack where they ride high up and the weight is distributed much like a heavy backpack.  Granted, for long hikes those packs may be more comfortable for the adult person like my dh, Everette, who likes the weight up higher over his shoulders.  But I wouldn't think dangling from ones groin for a day hike would be comfortable nor healthy for the anatomy of a little person.

We've had those high backpack type carriers, plus we've had slings, and made our own wraps.  But overall, I like the Ergo, and its the only one we've kept (2 of them, actually!) even when we drastically scaled down our possessions.  I don't think I'll be getting rid of the Ergo's, ever.  They are totally washable, and I'll be able to use them with our grandchildren.

Question for You:  What is your favorite baby carrier, and why?

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  1. Love my ergo carrier. You can pack it anywhere. Mom and child are comfortable and if your little one falls asleep you don't have to worry about them having rubber neck they can just snuggle in.