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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Raw Dessert

The Johnson's love cheesecake.... baked cheesecake. The one that sticks to the roof of your mouth like peanut butter. We know it isn't healthy for us, but we haven't been willing to give it up yet.

Until today.  Maybe today will help us give up cheesecake in the future. 

Mitchell (my new health enthusiast) and I watched a video  about making this raw dessert (Thanks for the recipe, Andrea), and got things soaking overnight so we could assemble this this morning. And, I want to share the results with you.
The recipe referred to it as a raw cheesecake.  We've decided (like we expected) it isn't quite like a baked cheesecake.  My mouth was never gummed together.  (But likely my intestines won't be gummed from this cake, either)  But we totally give it a Thumbs Up!!  It was absolutely fantastic, and totally as satisfying as our usual cheesecake.  But we won't be calling it a 'cheesecake'.  We've decided to call it Coconut Blueberry Dream Cake.  And it might just be our new 'Birthday Cake' recipe.

We unabashedly ate almost the whole cake panful in less than 5 minutes!  No guilt cake.  Yahoo for Raw.


Disclaimer.  Eating raw does not mean eating excessively is healthy.  Overeating is not recommended, no matter what foods you eat.

Question for You:  What is your all-time favorite dessert....raw or not?


  1. Happy, happy Anniversary you two:-)! Hope you had a splendid day together--and looking at that blueberry dream cake--it was pretty darn good--now WHERE can I get that recipe?? I have one for raw fudge (easy) if interested!! :-)

  2. From Andrea Nison: