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Friday, February 26, 2010

Plastic Bags

When I was walking the streets in White Rock, BC mid-January I was surprised to find 2 plastic bags decomposing in the tree branches above our heads along a commercial street sidewalk.  Yuck.

It has taken awhile to adjust to using cloth bags, but our family has been doing this for a few years now.  We occasionally forget them at home, but normally they are returned to our van upon unpacking our groceries so they will be available anytime we decide to pick up groceries, even an impromptu trip.  I find the cloth bags far more reliable than plastic, and like knowing that they aren't ending up in the trash.
We recently picked up these plastic (ugh!) totes that we are using to put our produce in at the store, avoiding those small plastic produce bags.  So now we can avoid the use of even more plastic bags on a weekly basis.  And it looks quaint, to boot!!

Here's a way to create your own cloth bags to replace plastic.  Free patterns.
Or check out this ingenious Moukisac made right here in Canada.  If you're going to order from here, make sure you check out the Referral instructions for a reward.

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