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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Delayed for Rauchelle

Anders turned 4 years old......last Friday.  But since his hero/big sister Rauchelle was away, he decided he wouldn't have his birthday until she returned.  And so, yesterday was spent with Anders going to the airport (basically an all-day event from here) with Daddy & Maret & Mitchell, and now he's "so glad we got Rauchelle home".  It was bedtime last night when they got home, as expected, so we had planned to have his birthday celebration today.  6 days after the fact.  But with his lovely Rauchelle home, by his side.  (he would have LOVED to have Layne home too, but since she doesn't live with us any more, he wasn't going to wait that long until she showed up!)

So, here's some pics from the day.  Anders' celebration had to include a Rainbow Cake.  That's been his order for a whole month.  So here, several of the children helped him build it, putting different colourful bows across the cake.

On his actual birthday last week, he received the Praying Teddy from 'Aunt Beatrix and him' (for some reason he temporarily forgot Jim's name.  Cute).  Today he received the spotted puppy.  Once he decided it was a boy-puppy he named it 'Anders'.  Cuz they are both boys!!


  1. His rainbow cake looks so YUMMY!!!! What kind of cake? And was that some kind of icing on it?

  2. it was a Confetti mix with whipper cream. Not healthy. Won't do that again. But the littles haven't gotten to like the raw crusts of the cakes/pies yet, so I didn't know what to do so that the Bday boy would like it. Still working on finding what appeals to the littles that is raw & healthy.