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Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a Happy Day

My Mom says one isn't mature until your 30 yrs old.  Well, today her baby is 45.  And I hope she thinks I'm mature by now!!

Neither of our big girls are here (Hi Layne & Rauchelle!!  Kisses) so I had the band of younger ones to help get food prepped today, and the house cleaned as we do our major cleaning in prep for Shabbat by sundown Friday.  Since we are eating according to daylight, we've been having our Shabbat meal early afternoons.

Danaka took charge of the challah today, and since my birthday shared the evening of Shabbat I decided it was a great time to try the chocolate bar inserted idea that Everette had found a couple months back.  So when Danaka was braiding the bread she snuck squares of Caramilk into the loaves.  And it turned out wonderful.  Not sure what French Toast will be like in the morning though! (that's what the dc usually make with left-over challah)  Oh, Chelle, eat your heart out!!!  (we'll add more choco when we make it with you home to share it!)

I decided against any 'cake' for my birthday this year since the challah with chocolate bar would be treat enough.  Well, then I decided to make a raw fruit pizza which was sweet & yummy & high calorie.  But is was RAW!!  At least it had that going for it.

The dc all pitched in to make it a success (most of us liked it).  The crust was almonds and coconut with dates.  Then a cream spread made with cashews, and all topped with fruit.

Here's some pics.
 Kitchen Helpers
Blessings and a Meal.

My new earrings (Thanks, Maret) and necklace (Thanks, Tov)

I am so incredibly blessed to be called "Mom" to these children (and Layne and Rauchelle).  Growing up I always wanted to be a Mom, but I never imagined having 9 children, and never imagined the true blessing it would be.  Everette and the children make my life full of love and excitement and learning.  I am truly blessed.  This IS a Happy Day!


  1. Love you Mom! Wish I could have been there! Looks like everyone was having such a good time. I want to try the Challah with chocolate one day. Looks yummy. As does the raw fruit pizza.

  2. Happy Belated birthday!! A beautiful family indeed and you are truly blessed! Thanks for sharing all your pictures of your life:-). Love the food!!