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Thursday, February 18, 2010

O Canada!

The Olympics are on. Here we are, a big family all born in Beautiful British Columbia, and when the world's Winter Olympics come not only to our country, but to our province, where are we??? On the Atlantic coast, just about as far away from the Games as we could be within this big country. But I'm just fine with that. To be honest.....I'm not a big fan of the Games, nor of professional sports, nor the whole spirit behind competition. Call me 'odd', that's ok. You wouldn't be the first one.

Now, I think its great to have such world exposure on our beautiful country. Canada has a lot to offer. Listen to this.......

So, I'm not trying to be an Olympic party-pooper. It doesn't thrill me. Some of my family watches some of the competitions. It's talked about a little bit around here. Everette usually catches a bit on the TV each evening, as does Danaka.

Now, one day, our own daughter might be at the Olympics. Actually, the Commonwealth Games are a higher goal, shall we say, for those in her sport (air rifle), so although the Olympics sounds more accomplished to the rest of us, the Commonwealth Games is her goal.

Will I be thrilled if it is my daughter who makes it to the Games? You betcha! Will I think the whole "competition spirit" is a good thing? Not likely.

I'll be thrilled for her to have the experience of more world travel.
Of meeting other athletes from other nations and cultures.
To make friends with those she would otherwise have never met.
To learn to handle her stresses better;
to practice the presence of God in her uncertainty;
to rise to her challenges.
To collect a mosaic of memories I couldn't provide for her.

This, too, is what I hope for all the athletes who have come
to our beautiful country to fulfill their dreams.
May they truly find themselves as better people,
with a heart for the world,
no matter what their standings were.
And more than anything, 
May they hear in their hearts a call from God
that He loves them
no matter where they are
and no matter what they do.
He just Loves.

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  1. That guy in the video did that exact spoken word at the opening ceremonies. Don't know if you knew that. I liked it. I think a lot of people did.