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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Curing Cancer

Presently, Paul Nison is posting a series of videos of an interview with Dr. Leonard Coldwell.  You can view all of them on YouTube, or on Paul's site, archived.  Below I've included part 6, in which this Dr. claims a sure cure for cancer.

If you have an open mind you might hear and understand a whole different perspective on dealing with cancer.

I know that I would never chose the 'accepted' means to treat cancer.  With a 'success' rate of 2-3%, it is ridiculous to succumb to that!  Dr. Coldwell claims to have a 92% success rate for his cancer patients!!  What a difference.

He also says that 1/3 of cancer diagnosis are false!!!  That is staggering!!

In video 3 the Dr talks about cancer in his grandmother.  A fascinating story that put him on the road of helping people recover from this dis-ease.  He, along with Dr Thomas Lodi, say that we ALL have cancer several times in our life.  We just aren't diagnosed, and our immune system overcomes.  Dr Coldwell says that cancer isn't even a is a symptom, of how our body is trying to deal with dead cells and basic gargabe in our body.

I can't explain it like the Doctor.  Just listen to him.  He knows a heck of a lot more than me (snicker!).

Be sure to learn about how to alkalize your body.  Cancer doesn't even exist in an alkaline body.  It can't.  Get hydrated, get oxidized, get healthy!

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