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Monday, November 30, 2009

Layne is Engaged!

Yes, it's true. Our eldest daughter has just gotten engaged to Micah.

Yes, its sudden, and that almost seems to becoming a family tradition now!!

Everette and I were wed 5 1/2 months after we met, and we were living in opposite regions of the province for much of that time. And here we are, 24 years later and happily married. One of my older brothers has already celebrated his 25th with his lovely wife, and they were wed 4 months after starting to date. Another brother of mine also dated less than a year, and they've made it to 20 years. And we all have many more great years ahead of us!!

We look forward to getting to know Micah better, as I'm sure we'll get ample opportunity over the years to come. We will gratefully embrace a new son into the family as we see the blessings of the Lord coming through a different means of increase! And we pray that the Lord will help us each adjust gracefully to new roles in our relationships as our little girl becomes Micah's wife.

I never imagined that these changes in Layne's life would take place while we are sssooooo far away geographically. But I am blessed to have a close relationship heart to heart with Layne, and that's immeasurably more important than being geographically close and yet miles apart in the heart. Another blessing from the Lord. I'm counting my blessings!!

Thanks for waiting till we get back to BC, Micah!!!

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