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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Time of Encouragment and Blessing

Our last day having the whole family together (for now) under one roof. We took the opportunity to share words of encouragement between one another and pour out blessings on each members' lives. This is what we did (minus Anders who refused to be a part of any of it. Bummer)

We put one person at a time to sit on an ottoman in the centre of the living room. We each voiced what we liked about that person, what they've done that has been a blessing or been a good example to us, what we admire in their life, how we see the Lord working in their life, etc.

We worked our way up from youngest to oldest. Notice, everybody was wearing a happy face! I'm not sure exactly why, but mama was the only one who cried. (Chelle admitted to getting a bit teary-eyed, but I just thought she was coming down with a cold!)

When you sit there with a room full of people talking about you, it can be a bit embarrassing and awkward to hear them praising you for something you feel utterly inadequate about. We are our hardest critics. We give grace to others, not expecting them to be perfect, but when people admire us we seem to think "Yeah, but you don't know how many times I ________ (fill in the up)."

Of course, we aren't looking for perfection in one another. We are looking for the good (not the perfect), and we are focusing on that, to build one another up in the Lord. To see how the Lord is working through each other, and how we see them yielding to the Lord.

After we blessed Everette/Dad (oh, yeah, he was kinda looking like a cold was coming on, too, with teary eyes and a bit of a runny nose also!!) then we put an individual in the centre of a circle we formed around them and danced around them while holding hands with the others and shouting/singing "We Bless (insert name)!" along with kisses, pinched butts, tickles, or in the case of Rauchelle we kick-butt!!! Lots of laughter and giggles and loves.

What a great time! I think everybody feels better after an uplifting time like that. Nothing beats a family having fun together!!!!

Question for You: Does your family do something to purposely bless one another?

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