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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Menorah: A Family Affair

It Takes a Family

I spent hours looking online to order a menorah after checking local stores with no success.  Most places weren't able to deliver to Canada, and those that were tended to be too expensive or were out of stock.  No go. 

Maret asked me "Why can't we make our own menorah?" to which I replied "We can!!  Why don't we find some driftwood."  So the next day a few of the girls set out to the beach to find a menorah!!  (well, the base materials, anyways) 
But what they brought back wasn't conducive to the project.  So Everette went to the beach with a few of the children today and brought back 3 options.  This was the biggest and the best according to mama so we made it happen!!  And it looks great.

Everette drilled the holes with mama & Chelle's holding-help and a lot of on-lookers, Rauchelle lacquered the wood, and we all get to enjoy the lights of our labour. 

We are pleased with the effects. Will be using it for more than Hanukkah! We started tonight, for the Sabbath.

Question for You: Do you have a menorah, and if so, what does it look like?

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