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Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Who Fills

Psalm 127: 3-5

Behold! The heritage of Hashem is children; a reward is the fruit of the womb. LIke arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of youth. Praiseworthy is the man who fills his quiver with them; they shall not be shamed, when they speak with enemies in the gate.

There's lots written about these scriptures so I'm not going to get into it.  But I wanted to share the thought that struck me last night while Everette read this during our Shabbat meal.  It's the point that the man is filling his quiver with them.  He is actively wanting the arrows.  He is purposing to get his quiver full of 'them' (ie children).

I'm not into a number game.  I don't care how many children a person has (although I do believe that ALL Christian marriages should have the fruit of children as per scriptures like Exodus 23:26).

The point I see here is that there is a heart issue at stake.  In our culture, and even within the church of Jesus Christ, children aren't truly embraced as blessings and rewards, and something we actively pursue.  Well, maybe alot of us pursue having 2 children, but not more than that.

I have heard people say that they don't want any more children and so they use birth control, and that if God really wants them to have another child (or two) then He can send them a 'surprise' by over-riding the birth control they are using.  That's absolutely true, for nothing is impossible with God.  However, that doesn't deal at all with the heart issues behind why it is that we don't want any more of the blessings and rewards that God has for us in the shape and form of children.  We wouldn't reject any other form of reward from Him, but feel that it is acceptable and even responsible and honorable to limit how many children we have.

My eye gazes upward on the page to Psalms 125. "Those who trust in Hashem are like Mount Zion that falters not, but abides forever. Jerusalem, mountains enwrap it, and Hashem enwraps His people, from this time and forever."

Thank You, Lord, for You protect us. Your love is forever present, whooing us to Your heart.

Question for You: Would you rather give a gift that was excitedly received, or one that was received reluctantly?

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