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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Wife is Like the Moon

Excerpt from 'Marriage Covenant' by Derek Prince:

"Some years ago, in the NASA center in Houston, Texas, I had the opportunity to see a fragment of rock from the moon's surface that had been brought back to earth by the astronauts. For a while, I gazed at it in awe. Finally, I bowed my head in reverent worship of the Creator as I began to understand the perfect wisdom of His design. The moon rock is dull and unattractive in itself. It has no brilliance or radiance of its own. Yet it is the most highly reflective material that man has yet discovered. Why? The reason, of course, is that it was designed by the Creator for one supreme purpose -- to reflect the radiance of the sun. This it will continue to do, as long as nothing comes between it and the sun. But if some other body -- for example, the earth -- comes between the moon and the sun, the result is manifested in the moon. It loses its light.

"All this is a parable that illustrates a much more wonderful work of the Creator's genius -- the marriage relationship. Within a true covenant marriage, the wife is like the moon. Her greatest glory is found in her God-given purpose of reflecting her husband. When he shines on her, she glows. But if the full, open fellowship between them is broken -- if something comes between them -- the result is manifested in the wife. She loses her light.

"Those of us who are husbands would do well to check from time to time on our performance in this regard. We should be ready to see our wife's condition as a reflection of our own. We males are often quick to notice some area of weakness in our wives -- even perhaps to be unkind or critical about it. Yet it may well be that the problem we see so clearly in our wives is, in reality, the reflection of a corresponding problem that has gone unrecognized in ourselves."

This is likely the part of the book that most stood out to me. Not because it was speaking more to husbands, but I can see that this analogy could be seen in reverse, too. That I could be the sun and my hubby the moon. If he isn't 'glowing', it might be because there is a failure on my part.

I know that in Prov 31: 11-12 it talks about how a husbands heart is safe with his wife, and that she never brings any harm to him. Well, that's a scripture that I always feel I fail at big-time. I can't say that he has always been safe with me. That my words never fail or betray him. That my actions always show preference to him.

A husband can be successful out in the business world, but if he doesn't feel respected in his own home, particularly by his wife, then he feels like a complete failure in all things that matter. How we treat and respect our husbands at home behind closed doors, is really what is going to make or break him. He will either glow or be blocked out like an eclipse, withering away to nothing-ness (that's how he will feel).

Lord, help me to bless my husband, to honor and respect him, to show simple kindnesses to him every day, to let him know how utterly important he is in my life and that of our family. May he never suffer at my hands again, Lord, but may he feel complete acceptance here. May I be able to see more clearly all the great things about him, and choose to lose sight of the things that would otherwise bother me. Help me to think only on that which is pure and lovely in him.

PS The above pic was a surprise party I had for Everette's 50th Bday which took place while we were in Arizona last January hanging out with Extreme Prophetic. It was the best birthday Everette says that he'd ever had. People prayed over him, blessed him and prophesied over his life. It was precious. He was definitely a glow that day!!

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