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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Misunderstood God

Over at The God Journey there's 2 interviews with Darin Hufford about his newest book called The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Teaches Us About God.  I'd like to read that book.

So, I listened to both of the interviews.  Let me say, I can so identify with Darin (and Brad and Wayne) and much of what he has experienced by the process of leaving organized religion, and walking in the love and freedom of God.  I honestly think that unless you have walked away from institutionalized religion/Christianity, it's hard to see clearly the teachings and entrapments of the system, which are not what the gospel is about.

I found the story Darin shares about his 16 week teaching on the Love Chapter interesting.  It was while he was still on staff as a pastor at a mega-church.  Every week he'd approach a different facet of  Love.  Scripture says that Love is patient.  Love is kind. etc.  Scripture also says that God is Love.  Darin questioned therefore, if God himself met His own definition of Love according to chapter.  (this is what the book is about).

What surprised me (and Darin) was that he had about 70 people over the course of the 16 weeks come and tell him that since having a clear look at the Love Chapter, they were leaving the church (organized Christianity/religion) because they could see that the 'God' they had learned about from the church was not at all like the God of the Scripture.  Religion has ascribed to Him a personality that is not His, but more closely looks like the devil.

The podcast, the book, and even my blog post is NOT about leaving the church. Don't make that judgement.  But take an honest look to see that what you know of God and about Him are really truth from Him, and not from what other people have told you about Him.  Challenge yourself to hear directly from Him, and do what He asks you to do rather than doing what you have been told is right and what is expected of you.

I love this place that He has me.  And I look forward to where I'll go with Him in the future.  Life is Grand. Life is Simple.  God is Incredible.

Question for You: What lies are you having difficulty eliminating from your thinking?

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