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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Having a good time amongst the sisters tonight. Nobody is looking forward to Layne leaving early Monday morning. Well, Layne is a bit excited about leaving....because of some fella (Hi, Micah!). Okay, she isn't excited about leaving the family. She'd love to stay. But it's that she wants to get back to Micah. Maybe it would just work best if she could stay out here, and Micah would just come out here?!! Yeah, I think that would work ;) Then these crazy sisters wouldn't be separated from one another.

As you can tell, they really love each other. Well, there is some concern about Rauchelle with her hand around Layne's neck like she's gonna strangle her, and Layne seems to be trying to lick them all. Just chalk that up to the strangeness of our family. We can handle that.

Question for You: What's your favorite thing about your sister?

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  1. Ahhhh the love of the Johnson nothing can beat it(except the love in your own) Blessed by the pictures of your beautiful blessed family. Aunty Lisa