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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plugged In and Grounded

I purchased a bed pad at Sunfood which has the very best price I could find on the web. And let me tell you, the 3 nights we've slept with it......I have had great sleeps. Heavy sleeps. Oh, how I needed that.

Of course, having littles in the house for many years one tends to sleep lightly to wake easily when somebody is in need of a mama-moment. But over the years it is likely for one to become sleep-deprived. It wears on you. It almost seems like I am incapable of sleeping soundly.

Well, not any longer. I am impressed with how I feel after sleeping with the bed pad already. I might not get lots of hours of sleep, but I certainly feel like I've slept heavily and the hours I do get are enough.

Read here for info. There's lots on the web.

Question for You: Are you familiar to Grounding Technology at all?

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