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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who Wouldn't Want a Free Book?

Thanks to Marla you can get yourself what sounds like a great read, about something I'll bet the majority of us Christians could benefit from.

click here

I've read Gary Thomas' book Sacred Marriage and thought it one of the best reads on Christian marriage. So I look forward to reading this new book of his.

I already agree with Gary, that we tend to feel bad about feeling good and enjoying pleasures. But I don't think God intended that.

I often think about His Own Lavishness. Why did He create such incredible beauty in the depths of the earth, such as stalactites & stalagmites, that only He has enjoyed until the last few hundred years? He's Extravagant. Because He likes beauty and abundance and all things lovely.

Check out Dany Sternfeld's Flickr pics for some beauty!

Question for You: What makes you think about the Extravagance of God?

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