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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Baby Has Come Home

Okay, she isn't such a baby anymore (she's turning 23 in less than 2 weeks), but she's our firstborn baby, and she's come 'home' for a week. She hasn't come home to a house, which is a good thing since we don't have a house here....we are house-sitting for the next few months. Home is where your heart is, & her heart is still warmed by being with those who love her. Our family is all together and so we are all Home! Oh, how we love being together.
Layne was mobbed when the van transporting her arrived in the driveway. The siblings were anxiously awaiting all day. Almost every hour one of the children would ask me "When do you think Layne will be here?" Not only were they anxious for her arrival, but they were missing Maret who had gone along with Dad to pick Layne up, and they were finding the day a bit boring and lonely. They were missing Maret, and aching to see Layne again.

I find it a bit humourous. We've had comments made that with such a big family, we probably don't hardly notice when one person is away. Oh, how mistaken that notion is. Each person is an individual, a unique piece to our family. When that piece is absent, there is a void. Nobody can ever fill that place. Nobody.

Last night around the table there were not enough chairs so everybody could be the one to sit next to Layner.

It was wonderful to have her here for Havdallah and to share in communion with us. Here she's anxious to receive her daddy's blessings, soaks his words up like crazy.

Everette and I were at peace last night, having ALL of our children under the same roof.

Question for You: Are your children still all living under your roof?

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