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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Hero

This man, Everette, is not only the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with, but I actually enjoy being with him!!

He's my bestest friend;

who makes fresh vegetable juice;
the one I dream about the future with;
who shares what the Lord has impressed upon his heart;
the one I share my fears with;
who massages my feet so I'll have a deeper sleep;
who takes the children out for an activity so mama can catch up on sleep with a newborn;
the one who blesses each family member at the end of the Sabbath as we enter a new week;
who says to me "you're easy on the eyes!" and "You are so beautiful!";
the guy I sit & enjoy "coffee" with even when I'm not actually drinking coffee;
the one who gets groceries with me just so we can spend more time together;
the one who holds me when my heart aches, when my sobs make my body shudder and I can't put words to my emotions;
who shares the heartache at the loss of a loved one;
who shares the joy of a new addition;
the guy who makes the children squeal with delight and laughter;
who wrestles with the boys and fills up their love tanks;
who walks up to a stranger and says "I see you have a need. Can I pray with you?";
the one who believes in their healing whether its manifest immediately or not;
the man who walks with me alongside the road,
never quite sure where we're headed but heading there together.

You are the best, Everette. If I could marry anybody in the world, I'd marry you all over again!! You are my Hero! And I love you so very much.

Question for You: Who is your Hero?

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  1. Got the kissing pic as my desktop, and the dc love it!