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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our First Born

What a wonderful week we had with Layne being home. As you would see in many photos, she's a
happy, bubbly type of girl. Her love language is Quality Time, particularly talking, so we got quite a bit of that done.

The first morning she was here I asked her if there was something in particular that she wanted to do or somewhere she wanted to go while she was here & she said, "No, I just want to hangout with the family!" So that's exactly what she did.

And when we were on the early morning drive to the airport yesterday I asked her if her love-tank was filled up and she excitedly said,

"Oh,yeah, absolutely!"

So, I guess for all of us, it was a successful week. My love tank feels full, too. We all loved being together, and we sent off a love-filled girl.

Here's a pic of mama and her firstborn.

Love you, Layner. Always!!

Question for You: What's your Love Language?

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