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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beautiful Unique Girl

Layne played violin at a ladies conference awhile back, and got a free CD of Kassie Tyers who was also at the conference. She had a great chat with Kassie about not dating. It was refreshing to meet another young lady who wasn't into dating but was anticipating 'the right one' that the Lord would provide.

Danaka just was given Kassie's CD as an early birthday gift from Layne, and Layne was sharing with me about the Beautiful Unique Girl site and the Pajama and Beach parties they have, and sharing the uniqueness and beauty that each girl is born with, and the immense love of Father God. I love that type of message. And it is so TRUE!

I remember my own growing up and teen years, and even some of the garbage and lies about myself that I carried into adulthood and marriage, and even today those lies may rear their ugly head at vulnerable moments. But the truth of the Father's love is that I am an incredible child of His; His own work of art!!

I'm thrilled to find out about these awesome CANADIAN women whose hearts are for God and sharing that love to impressionable young girls. What a needed message.

Oh, and I was thrilled to see that BUGirl is booked for a Beach Party through the church we used to attend in Parksville. How incredible is that? So, Island friends, check this out!!

Question for You: Do you still struggle with believing lies from your childhood?

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