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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Celebrating Life

We can't help it. We try to eat healthy, but we haven't settled on something healthy to eat when we are celebrating. And with a bigger-than-average-sized family, we seem to always have something to celebrate. Or we can easily find something to celebrate. And we usually use Chocolate.

This has been a more difficult-than-average week for us with the loss of Samuel, but we are more than conquerors through Yeshua who gives us strength. So we're moving on.

We decided to have a bit of a celebration in memory of Samuel and the other sons we have lost through miscarriage. So, instead of focusing on our feelings of loss, and the moments we don't get to share with them here on earth, we celebrate that we know they are safe and whole and happy in heaven. They are in the constant presence of the Lord, worshiping in spirit and truth for eternity, and they are anxiously awaiting their big family's arrival someday on The Other Side.

Everette lit one candle for each of our precious little ones. Aarin (1988), Adam (2001), Nicky (2003), Sebastian (2009), Samuel (2009). And Toveli suggested that Mom & Dad blew the candles out since "you're the ones who had them."

On the fridge behind Maret's head you can see some notes she made. One says "Sammy is Alive with God" and the other says "God is with Sammy".

Now, we're getting prepped to celebrate Layne's 23rd and Danaka's 13th birthdays early before Layne heads back to BC. This time it's the world's best mixture of (not healthy-but really yummy) chocolate and cheesecake! Nothing compares!!

Question for You: What's your favorite dessert to have for family celebrations?

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