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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Breast Cancer news

Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer?

Ground-breaking news points to evidence linking mammograms to increased breast cancer rates. Just another find that would indicate that the current medical establishment and Big Pharma can be (IS!!) dangerous to your health.

"a new study just presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), concludes the low-dose radiation from annual mammography screening significantly increases breast cancer risk in women with a genetic or familial predisposition to breast cancer. This is particularly worrisome because women who are at high risk for breast cancer are regularly pushed to start mammograms at a younger age -- as early as 25 -- and that means they are exposed to more radiation from mammography earlier and for more years than women who don't have breast cancer in their family trees." (Mike Adams)

Make sure you understand the pros and cons of mammograms before you blindly follow doctors instructions to get your regular boob-squash tests!

Breast Cancer Survivor

A 29yo friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer over 15 years ago. She was placed in a study group through the Cancer Society, and scheduled for both radiation and chemotherapy treatments, followed by radical mastectomy. That's alot to be put through as a young mom, but she joined the group as it was supposedly her best chance at survival. Part-ways thru the program-- when no improvement was found for her, & she got only the nasty nasty side-effects of the toxic drugs, and she and her husband dug into the research and alternative methods,-- she dropped out of the program (with extreme pressure from the Cancer Society to continue, of course). Her husband juiced her pounds and pounds of carrot juice every single morning, and along with other juices and nutritional supplementation, with much faith and prayer, and a will to live, she started to see improvements. Within a short period of time she was and has remained cancer-free for all these years. And she kept her breasts!!

That friend, and many others, are still alive I believe because they found their health issues solved by natural remedies rather than the medical establishment. They took charge of their health and are much better for it.

Finding Solutions

Doing our own research is part of taking responsibility of our own health. Evidence everyday points to the failure of our doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical drugs when it comes to our health. Find out for yourself what is in your best interests to improve your health. And you'll be keeping more money in your own pockets, too.

Question for You: Do you think mammograms are important to have on a regular basis?

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but I trust in the Name of the Lord God Almighty!

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