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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He's Got You Covered

Everette & I took then-baby Laars down to The Lakeland Revival for a week in April 2008.  You know, the one in Florida with the controversial Todd Bentley.  Wow, did we have a great time there, and in some ways our lives will never be the same.  Forever changed.  Forever thankful.

That's were we met Todd White who's got lots of video's posted over at XP Media showing amples of healings on the streets.  And we met and became good friends with Mark & Cathy Kuntz who are on staff with Extreme Prophetic.  Laars was prophesized over (he was 10 mo at that time) and we excitedly await seeing  that prophesy come alive and evident in his life.

Anyways, I believe it was the last day, last meeting we were at before returning to Canada.  After the service I was sitting a few seats in from the aisle holding Laars while Everette stood near the aisle talking with another man.  I was quiet and contemplative, some concerns  circling through my mind.

I saw an unknown man walk up the aisle and glanced over at me as he walked past.  A moment later he was at the end of our aisle and said to me, "He's got you covered."

I said, "Pardon me?"

"He's got you covered.  What ever it is that you need, whatever it is that you are concerned about.....He's got you covered."  And he walked away.

After Everette's conversation was finished and we packed up to leave for the airport, I shared with Everette what the stranger said to me.  I had immediately thought it must be in reference to a big financial concern I had.  I asked the Lord what it was about, and I wasn't aware of any response, just my concern about certain finances.

Over the year + since that time, I often think about that 'word', and wonder if it had another meaning.  The financial concern turned out fine, but I wasn't confident that the 'word' was for just one particular concern.

Last night when I was listening to John Lynch, towards the end of his talk he mentioned that God has us covered, and my heart skipped a beat.  The words seemed to come alive and penetrate my heart even before my mind was quite conscious of what it had heard.  As if this was what was meant by that  Lakeland 'word'.

He has me covered.  On my worst day I am "clean, holy, alive, & forgiven, & new, & beautiful, & acceptable, & complete......."  Listen for all that we are, from John Lynch speaking at about 21 mins into the video. (But listen to the whole video!)

I am covered by the righteousness of God thru Yeshua.  I can never do enough to earn His love, nor can I do too little to stop His love for me.  He just loves me, with an everlasting and fully unadulterated love.  What Yeshua did on the cross was full and complete, needing absolutely nothing added to it.  It is freely given to me.  And I am only able to love Him now because He loved me first and made a way for me to get back to Abba's heart where I am safe.

He's Got Me Covered.

It's a reality.  Now I need to learn to stay there, to live there.  When I'm feeling distant from Abba, its only a feeling.  For the Word says that nothing can separate me from His love.  So I am never away from His love, even if I am not feeling Loved.  But I stand in faith knowing that I am purely loved by Him.  I am clothed in His righteousness.  He covers me like a mother hen covers her chicks and protects them.

He loves me beyond my own comprehension, and......

He's Got Me Covered.

Question for You:   Do you know how to live loved by the Father, or do you struggle (like me) with feelings of obligations & expectations (religion)?

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