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Sunday, December 20, 2009

nienie: The pink wall.

This was just tooooo funny.  I too have found those green spots on the walls, some are swipes that look more like falling stars.  And I'm grossed out, too.  But, my children have never had such a fantastic response.  This is priceless.

PS..... nienie's story is a real tear-jerker, but so heartwarming and full of love, commitment, perseverance, a mother's heart.  It makes any of my own challenges such a piece of cake.  Nienie still continues to heal (more than a year later) from the horrific burns she acquired after a plane crash in which her dh was injured (though not as extensively as her) and the instructor/pilot lost his life.  Don't read it if you don't have a box of kleenex beside you.  You are forwarned.

Question for You:   Do you have an inspirational blog to share?

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