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Monday, December 28, 2009

Wedding Services

There are countless places on the web to get wedding ideas from.  Some specialize in gowns, some in catering for the reception, and some will Do It All!  Pick and choose the services, according to what your overall goal of your wedding plans are.  If you are a Do It Yourself-er (DIY) then there's lots of blogs to give great ideas to fit any budget.  The sky is the limit, basically.

If time to plan and organize and book things is very limited but money isn't, then full-service might work best for you.  Many couples today are looking for the personal touch in which they stay fully involved in the process, and are environmentally conscious so they are more likely to DIY, from making handmade invitations and decorations, to prepping their own reception food.

It's all individual.  Make a list of your own priorities, and stick to them. There isn't a right and a wrong way to plan the wedding, unless it isn't a right fit for you.  Get in touch with what your dreams and ideas really are, and make step-by-step plans with your fiance on how to accomplish your goals.  The clearer you are about your goals the easier it will be to get there.

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