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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Kinda Math

I don't think God meant for us to sit in a classroom all day working out of textbooks and filling in blanks. There is so much to learn by doing, and engaging, and experiencing. And there's no stress, and such flexibility. That's partly why we are unschoolers who learn by living our lives and learning along the way. We love this lifestyle although we are aware it makes many people very nervous (especially some Grammas). It works for us.

One way to learn math in a fun and painless way is by utilizing what are called Living Math Books. There's a whole site Living Math devoted to that way of learning, full of tonnes of info, endless ideas, and wonderful reading lists and game suggestions.

Here's a Squidoo article on Transitioning to Living Math,
how one homeschooling mom moved from math curriculum to a living math style that worked for her and her family.

Question for You: How do you like to learn or practice math concepts?

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