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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let Him Eat Cake

Everette saw this article online the other day, and it just baffles me that these things are happening all over the place. I heard of a homebirth recently in one of the states where, after baby was born, there was some concern for the mother so she was transported to hospital. All of a sudden, a situation where she was just wanted to make sure all was well, it became a case of 'child endangerment' because she hadn't birthed the baby in the hospital. They had gone for the mother, to get something checked out and be safe. You ask for a little medical help and next you know your children are taken away from you, because of course we all know that the establishment is far better at parenting than the rest of us.(gag)

As soon as thinking parents step back from believing the establishment is 'god', and start thinking for themselves and making choices they deem are helpful and healthy for their families, the establishment becomes insulted that they aren't needed, and they push their weight around, traumatizing children and their entire family. Big Bullies.

Here's the article.

by ALASTAIR TAYLOR in The Sun (UK news)

Published: 03 Dec 2009

SOCIAL workers took a two-year-old into care after his mother refused to give him junk food.

Zak Hessey was 8kg (17lb 6oz) when mum Lisa took him to hospital, telling doctors he was a "fussy eater" and not gaining weight.

Medics said he should weigh 9kg (19lb 8oz) and advised the mum of five to bulk him up on crisps, chocolate and cakes.

When she said no, social workers were called in and her tot put into foster care to assess if his eating improved.


Healthy eater Lisa, 28, and her HGV driver husband Paul, 48, battled through the courts for four months before they got their son back.

Social workers then admitted in court that the couple, from Bolsover, Derbys, were devoted and loving parents.

Angry Lisa claims Zak's time in care left him a "chocoholic" and just 250g (8oz) heavier.

She said: "I thought I was doing the right thing going for help when Zak began refusing to eat and lost weight.

"Instead they basically accused me of neglect. They said I should give him chocolate, cakes and junk food just to get calories into him."

Lisa said she was warned her parental rights could be removed if she took legal action.

She added: "The Government and doctors always drum into parents the importance of healthy eating - yet they were telling us to feed Zak all the wrong things.

"Now it's hard to get him to eat anything else."

Back home, Zak has gained weight and is "doing well", she said. A Chesterfield Royal Hospital spokesman said: "We believe we acted in Zak's interest."

Question for You: Do you have an opinion as to where the medical establishment has rights, and where parents have rights?

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