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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wedding Cakes

Don't like white cake?  Make it chocolate.  For intimate weddings with a small number of guests, make it a rich baked cheesecake.  Forget the matrimonial cake if you don't like fruit cakes.  Do something that you like and that's memorable.  Fancy cupcakes.  And who said there had to be a cake, anyways????

Amazing Themed Cakes and more cakes and more.  I particularly like the doughnuts, the stack of books, and the stack of pretty pillows.  Talk about individuality!

There are alot of cake decorators around who do it for a hobby, so you might be able to find somebody you know that would love to make a unique cake for your special day.  While paying them for their efforts it might save you some dollars over paying for a professional.

Wedding cakes can be rented, also.  No, not the edible ones, silly.  But you could consider renting a fake cake and then having something unique to serve to all the guests instead of cake.

Again, you decide what you want for your special day.  Tradition is not law. 

How about a James Bond cake?

Question for You:  If you were to get married, or had it to do all over again, what kind of cake would you have?  Or would you break with that tradition?


  1. Definitely a raw cake! So many types. I would do a pot-blessing type meal and splurge on the raw cake. I had the best tiramisu ever at the Raw food festival and it was raw! I got the recipe..the chef who made it leaves in Thailand, but what a delight--and all healthy! Or maybe a carrot--probably easier with a nice raw cream cheese icing--or the raw choc. mousse cake they sell at Rawthentique here in QB--ok, I am really getting my tastebuds in an uproar way TOO early in the morning!

  2. Don't think Layne and Micah will be going for anything raw, but I certainly would look seriously at the raw stuff too!