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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blustery Wintery Sunday

Focused on the Tree.

Focused on the crystals.

This is what it looked like today. Wet and freezing with a strong blustery wind. You can see the icicles don't form hanging straight down.

I'm glad to be able to stay hunkered down today, and send Everette out in the snow to get Rauchelle to work! What an awesome man he is.

I don't do SNOW! I stay home.

The children went out in it of course, and returned as if they had been in a rain storm, looking like drowned rats. This is more like western Canada snow. This is when we hope for colder weather so the snow and our children stay drier, but they can spend hours upon hours out there to their hearts delight.

Another beautiful Cape Breton sunset, although cold. Supposed to be down to -8C tonight. Brrr! I'm missing Arizona!

Question for You: What is your favorite thing to photograph?

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