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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Themed Weddings

Themes are often used when it is a favorite idea of at least the bride or the groom.

It could be that she's a cowgirl type personality; grew up on a ranch or loved to ride her horse in the backcountry, or has just dreamed of having a horse one day and wears clothing with pictures of horses, or decorates every wall and room she can with a horse theme.

Or maybe the groom is into medieval chivalry with swords, and armour, and crests on flags. 

Or it could be a love for sunflowers, or songbirds, or waterfalls, or Celtic heritage, or hot-air balloons, picnics, or....its limitless.  But these fascinations can be incorporated into a wedding as a reflection of the heart of the bride or the groom (or both of them). 

I was recalling the blog of a Christian author I follow, Marla, and her obvious love of Scrabble because she even decorated her Christmas tree with Scrabble pieces.  So I got to thinking that a Scrabble fanatic could use that as a wedding theme, and voila......I found this!

  • Select a simple, but cohesive theme. Involve family members and friends where possible.
  • Picking a colour scheme is a simple way to bring all elements of your wedding together cohesively.  Don't overlook the simplicity of that thought.
  • Choose a motif for use on invitations, thank you notes, decorations and cake.....through out the wedding site. This can be anything, such as the above examples.  They could be seasonal, as in an autumn theme, or St. Patrick's.  Whatever best symbolizes the couple.

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Sweet Sassafras cute hat theme
Stay away from these kinds of themes! 

Question for You:  Have you ever gone to a themed wedding?  What was the theme?  Would you ever do a themed wedding, and if so, what would your theme be?

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