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Monday, December 7, 2009

Charges for Selling Raw Milk

Farmers selling raw milk are being targeted and charged as criminals. And Missouri state taxes are being spent to find these 'law-breakers' and make them pay for their 'crime'.

Some things are just so incredibly ridiculous I'm almost tempted to think its a fairytale. But the way people think today, I know that this is real, and just another idiotic ploy of The Big Guys terrorizing The Little Guys into submission so there isn't competition in the food market.

But its always the small farmer and all the consumers of food (yep, ALL of us) who suffer in the long run. And we are treated as if we're the idiots who don't know how to choose wisely the food we prefer to feed and nourish our families.

Mike Adams shares this recent story from his home state of Missouri, and gives names and contact info on where you can file complaints and make your voice heard, and even financially support farmers who are fighting against tyranny from The Big Guys.

You've gotta read at least the first couple paragraphs of his article for a good laugh.

Question for You: Do you think that selling any food by the local farmer should be criminalized?

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