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Friday, January 1, 2010

Music, Decorations & Favors


You have your theme picked so your decorations will definitely keep to that theme.  Let it all flow.

With an eye on your budget of both money & time, decide whether you are going to purchase them or make them.  Some things are very time consuming and much easier to purchase.

Making decorations and favors can be an activity you as a bridal couple do together, or serve up pizzas while members of the bridal party help you out one evening making the decorations.  Or it could be something you have your friends and family do for you so that they are incorporated into making your wedding special while you honor them by using their gifts and talents .  It can be a win-win situation.


Pachabel's Canon is one of the most commonly played songs at traditional weddings, but it most certainly doesn't have to be a part of your wedding.   Select songs that have meaning for you as the bride and groom, as well as what might be enjoyed by others.  It could be a style of music from a certain era that corresponds to your wedding theme, as music from the 1920's, or classical from Bach, or western.

Carefully consider whether you want pre-recorded music, a live orchestra, or a lone singer.  If you are a poet, maybe you've written something for your future spouse you'd like a friend to set to music and sing for you while walking down the aisle, or signing the registrar.  Or it could be a song written by your friends.

Here again is a place in your day that your ethnicity might show through.  Bagpipes & kilts, or accordians playing Hava Nagila (Jewish) or played like this:

or dancers that might remind you of 'Fiddler on the Roof'
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    Question for You:  What type of music did you have at your wedding, or would you have in the future if you aren't already married?

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      1. It will be great to watch Fiddler On The Roof, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.