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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Everette's Birthday

I was heading out to spend about 5 days with Layne to have opportunity to meet her fiance, and with the way her work week goes I was trying to fit my days best around her days off, and with the biggness of this country I had to traverse it meant I had to catch a flight early on the morning of Everette's birthday.  So, we decided to head to Halifax the day before and spend the night in a hotel/inn we had spotted many times before.  And that's what we did.  We had a great 1 day away alone before I left for the rest of the week.   Oh, how I miss him when we aren't together.  But the reunion is always something wonderful to look forward to.
My Chauffer!  Through the snow.

The Inn where we stayed, and the view from our patio as the sun sets on another wintery day in Atlantic Canada.

4 am on his birthday, getting ready to take me to the airport.  What an awesome partner he is.

Happy Birthday, Babe!

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