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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Importance of Sleep

In today's world its a challenge to find real darkness, and to get sleep during the right hours.  Dr Mercola gives tips for how to accomplish this and encourages to overcome the challenges.  Sleep is That Important!

As a side note, I remember years ago reading a book (I think it was 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility') that mentioned that for some women to regulate their cycles and achieve conception, they might have to do very specific things to black out their sleeping spot, like putting foil in the windows, removing digital clocks or any source of light (no matter how little it seems),  even blocking light from coming in around the bedroom door.  Any of this could interfere with her fertility.  The point that I remember is that a woman's cycle would naturally be in-sync with the phases of the moon, in days before electricity!

What I hear Paul Nison saying in regards to his Daylight Diet isn't so much about the health of the food that we eat, but how and when we eat so that we get a good rest at night while sleeping which is when our bodies cleanse and rebuild.....and that's where our health really comes from.  The quality of our sleep.

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